This website is specifically designed for the residents of Reflection Ridge at Battle Creek.  The continued beauty, safety, and friendly atmosphere of our community are the responsibility of each and every resident.  As a gated community we are fiscally responsible for the maintenance of the common areas, fencing, lighting and the streets.  The Board of Directors has oversight of these efforts.  These board members are your friends and neighbors, volunteering their time to secure our investment in not only Reflection Ridge but Broken Arrow. 

It is important for each resident to review the covenants, bylaws and operations manual as well as participate by joining the board, a committee, attending social events and the annual meeting.  Your input and involvement are always welcomed.

  - The newsletter, event and meeting notices will be posted on this site.
  - The electronic message sign at the gate will alert you to updates.

Important Information!

New Gate Entry System

Installation of a new gate entry system is complete.

The System appears to be working well. One drawback is that several residents have lost the use of their cars Home Link system to open the gate.
It is great that most continue to work, however the gate manufacturer nor reflection ridge support the HomeLink or guarantee that it will work. Those whos HomeLink no longer work can gain access by using the devices provided by Reflection Ridge such as cards or remotes.

If the gate system calls your cell phone, you can call yourself at the gate to gain entry.  A new window tag device similar to the pike pass will become available soon, for a fee (expecting <= $30).

If you are a resident and interested in obtaining the new Tag device or would like to change your phone number in the gate system, contact the Board members by email officers@reflectionridge.info. If your device is not working please call Mike Hill (918)810-7698

Note that your caller ID will no longer display "Reflection Ridge" when receiving a call from the gate.  It will now show the gate's phone number "(918) 520-5968". Cell phone users can make this a contact and assign the name "Reflection Ridge Gate".

Neighborhood News

Reflection Ridge Property Complaint Form

In an effort to quickly and fairly respond to complaints by property owners, an information form for bringing complaints to the attention of the board is available by clicking on the above link.

Annual Battle Creek Garage Sale

Garage sales are held the 3rd Saturday in May and 1st Saturday in November.

Reflection Ridge Newsletters

Additional community information.

Safety Committee

Information from the Reflection Ridge Safety Committee. Check it out Here.